Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Routing and Switching CCIE's

More R and S CCIE's

From INE
Adedayo Ademuyiwa - CCIE #27113 R and S
Emil Patel - CCIE #27005 R and S
Berki Daniel - CCIE #26973 R and S
Abdullah Salem Bedaiwy - CCIE #26965 R and S
Karel Vins - CCIE #26943 R and S
Thomas McAllen - CCIE #26867 R and S
Atta Ullah Meer - CCIE #26779 R and S

From IPE
#27102 Josh Yost (R&S)
#27053 Steve Shaw (R&S)
#27045 Zoltan Balogh (R&S)
#27035 Juan Corrales (R&S)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Story of JayPed CCIE 26850

My journey began back in 2007 where I started to work for an ISP doing MPLS VPN based networks, prior to starting there I had done my CCNA and was almost done with my CCSP (was working mostly with firewalls before the ISP job ). While finishing my CCSP I started to look more towards the routing stuff, since I was working where I was.

So in august 2008 I tried the written test for the first time and passed it. From then I started labbing on a physical lab provided by the company I work for. At first I did INE vol. 2 labs. In January 2009 i attended the CCIE 1 bootcamp at Global Knowledge in the UK.

In august 2009 I had the opportunity to try the v4 beta written test - and since I still didn't feel ready for the lab I used this to renew my written test. After doing a lot of INE labs and still wasn't feeling sure on (mostly) my troubleshooting skills I joined the CIERS Essentials course. This I found very rewarding as I've mention earlier.For video's I've seen the CCIE360 CIERS VoD. Unfortunately these aren't covering all materials. I know INE has some great video and KnowledgeNet has some excellent e-learning courses on Multicast, BGP, MPLS and QoS. Jeremy of CBT is also worth mentioning.

For reading... uhm, I went through quite a lot (all from Cisco Press): CCNA and CCNP certification library's, Routing TCP/IP Vol. 1 + 2, Troubleshooting IP routing protocols, CCIE Routing & Switching Cert. Guide (v4), Cisco Express Forwarding, Building Resilient IP Networks, MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software, Deploying IPv6 Networks, Cisco Access Control Security, Cisco Router Configuration Handbook, Cisco Switch configuration handbook and Cisco LAN Switching. Well, some of them more than others - my favorites being MPLS config and Deploying IPv6 those are great books, and ofcause the famous Routing TCP/IP. The lab exam I can't say much about obviously .

But what I can say is that the technologies aren't more difficult than what's done in so many practice labs, the hard part is that they're not asking as specificly as many test-vendors are. So in the end you start getting really paranoid thinking 'Am I understanding this correctly, or are they really asking for something different' Towards the end I was almost about to change a whole lot of things just because of this.

I had about 6h20m for my config part - had extra 20 minutes from the tshooting section. I spend approximately 5 hours configuring the lab and the last approx. 80 minutes verifying, asking further questions, etc.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gonna start the preparation

Gonna start the battle :)-

My second round.. :)-

The second battle..:)-

Friday, June 25, 2010

CCIE - The change

Yes..Cisco to some extend won the battle against dumpers...Now there is a significant reduction in the pass rate...That means only qualified engineers are passing...This will increase the value of the certification....

Some sad news personally..Three of my friends who attempted the lab this month got failed..They were well prepared..Couple of them failed in the configuration section and the other in troubleshooting....As per them it is achievable...But you have to give your 100%.....

Monday, May 31, 2010


hmmm...bye bye OEQ......

Good move from Cisco..Lot of talented engineers lost CCIE because of this OEQ...Yes it was a good move to introduce OEQ to stop dumpers achieving CCIE...But personally i would say it is "Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer...

Again it is a good move from Cisco...I am sure , now the Troubleshooting part is little bit harder...I have been preparing very well for the OEQ using Ruhann's short notes , it is really good...I really wanted to appear for my second shot....But you know the work pressure stops my preparation....I am enjoying my work..but other side i am losing my precious time in CCIE preparation...Dont know what will happen...Lets wait and see... :)-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

CCIE number crossed 26000

CCIE number crossed 26000.Who is that lucky one who got the numer 26000..hehe...

Hmmm....So i will be getting a number starting 26.....If i would have got my number in my first attempt it would be 255** ...kidding....

I have to dedicate more time in my preparation.I have been out from sadikhov and other forums for a long time.As i have joined a new company , i am really busy with my projects and other activities. I have to refresh everything and should have to start my preparation soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

OEQ Waiver....

Heard that for 360 students there will not be any OEQ section..
In my view , if Cisco decided to take away OEQ, then they should implement for all students.
What is the point in giving a concession for 360 students ?..
This will cost around 12000$ for a normal student.It will be difficult to find this much money for this course for a student from my country.And also this would really affect the mindset of all ccie aspirants..

My thoughts...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some more CCIE's....

Again some good news.....

Some more CCIE's

Divin Mathew John - new ccie.. 25905

I know this person, when i worked as a moderator on sadikhov.He used to ask lot of technical doubts.. It is not a surprise for me to know that he got his number..This guy truly deserve it..

Hello all...Get ready...Prepare well..This can be achievable id you work hard...

Some more CCIE's

Zhen Wang

Sargis Minasyan

Daryl Smith

Brett Saling

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Good News....!!!!

Yes...Some good news...

Atlast some CCIE success stories...I am really happy to see some success stories.

This would surely motivate some of us.Really happy to see it.Kudos to them...

These were the legends who got their CCIE number (Routing and Switching V4)....

Flavio Provedel

Brian Luers

Steven Clarkin

Branimir Turk

Hadi Esper

As per them , if you work hard , it is possible to clear the lab. It is not at all an impossible thing.
Their success surely motivate all ccie aspirants.

I have started my preparation using Cisco360 labs.

I dont know when i would go for my second attempt.

I strongly recommend all those who were planning to take CCIE RS to go through this cisco 360 labs which were awesome .

Once again Congrats to Flavio Provedel , Brian Luers , Steven Clarkin,Branimir Turk,Hadi Esper

All the best to all other ccie aspirants.